These Japanese kitchen knife is worth it!

It can be a daunting task to choose the best kitchen knives if you have no idea what to consider during the purchase process. For my case, working as a chef for more than 10 years means tons of experience in regard to choosing quality knives. In order to be safe, make it a point to consider sharpness of blade, beauty, grip, handle, size of blade, weight, tang and anything in between. Of course price is a must-consider and this is why I strongly recommend the Japanese kitchen knives for those who desire to practice their culinary skills and become the best they can be.

My top 3 list includes Yoshihiro Mizu-Yaki Kuruochi Gyuto is definitely a top 3 of my favorite and takes the second place. This knife is not only very strong because of the super high quality steel, but is made by a process that combines layering, hammering and forging. For this reason, you can use it for quite a long time and never worry about edge issues. Importantly, you can use this knife for multiple kitchen tasks and so you will always be glad that you made a right choice. However, it is a little pricey but worth every single coin spent.

japanese knife
Great knife for a great price!

Shun knives were always a cut above the rest. Being Japanese knives, these knives were made to make the finest cuts. Imagine thin slices of Salmon for sushi or sashimi. There’ll also be a lot less maintenance if I picked up a set. Since Japanese knives are made from harder steel, there’ll be a lot less sharpening to do. I’ll also be rather spoilt for choice if I’m getting a set of Japanese knives. There are just so many different designs and type of steels used in crafting a Japanese knife.

Everything from the handle, the bolster, the tang and the tip and the blade of a Japanese kitchen knife has a unique story to tell. It’s impressive how the Japanese have molded and crafted their knives. They just keep striving to improve their craft and make it better. Maybe I was watching too many Samurai flicks from the edo period but I am certain a Japanese knife will give me a new experience when it comes to slicing, chopping and dicing.

The third and still one of my favorite is the Nenohi Sakura Kiritsuke-270 mm knife that boasts of a weight of 6.1 oz, bolster material of water buffalo horn, ahard steel for exceptional strength, a bevel angle ratio of 50/50, and a handle made of Japanese magnolia. It goes without saying that with all these aspects it will always be a good buy.

There are others too that you can always go for to make your cooking enjoyable, but with the above three definitely you can never go wrong. It is all a matter of looking at the finer details and getting Japanese knives that will best meet your unique needs.

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