These knives have been listed as top chef knives


If you have been following knife blogs, you will know that these knives have been listed as top chef knives. There are quality knives for people who are under a certain budget and for people who don’t mind paying big money. Now the only thing left is the knife itself. Listed below are the top three chef knives that not only have great value but also exceptional quality.

The German

The first knife that is the best is none other than the Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef Knife. This German brand has been making wonderful knives for many years but one of the well-known knife is this. It practically slices through anything in its way and don’t get me started on the perfect balance. It has a full tang blade and the handle is secure to it with three rivets. The blade is very durable and it has been known to accidentally cut people if they aren’t careful. Their high-carbon stainless steel knife will certainly last you a lifetime.

The Japanese

The next on the list is the Shun Classic 8-Inch Chef Knife. This Japanese brand made a chef knife that is razor sharp. Imagine a blade that has been sharpened up to 16 degree angle on each side. This is certainly sharper than normal blades. These blade is made up with premium Japanese stainless steel which is cladded with 32 layers of stainless alloy. It has a Damascus look which is more prettier than the Wusthof. However, the blade is much thinner so if you’re looking for a tougher blade, go for the Wusthof. The Shun is great for slicing meat, onion, and mincing herbs.

The Budget Swiss

Even though, the Victorinox 8-Inch Chef Knife price is cheap, the quality is almost as good as the Shun and the Wusthof. The blade is razor sharp out of the box as the edge has been taper-grinned and laser tested. Since the price is affordable, many people have tested it out and they have remarkable reviews on it. It can slice effortlessly through butternut squash and also artichokes. However, the handle which is a Fibrox handle will feel different from the knives mentioned above. It’s much more lighter and it doesn’t have a full bolster. It’s great for easier tasks and for older people.

The three top chef knives mentioned are unique in their own way. Be sure to check out these knives while they’re on sale!

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